A Snoezelen® MSE Approach to Challenging Behaviors

By Linda Messbauer “Virginia” used the Snoezelen Experience to become calmer. She relaxed through the exploration of light and sound and began to rock in the rocking chair in a slow rhythmical pace. Because of the unique background and history of many of the individuals I serve, and because of the complications stemming from their…
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Part 1: Inside a Snoezelen Room

What is Snoezelen MSE®? Snoezelen, pronounced “snooze-uh-len,” roughly translated from Dutch, means "to explore and relax." It is a therapy for people with special healthcare needs such as brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism and many others. The Snoezelen environment is non-threatening, allowing users to overcome inhibitions, enhance self-esteem, and reduce tension. Research has shown that…
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The Specialty Care Clinic’s MSEs for Veterans help the dementia patients of Wilkes-Barre reach their maximum potential

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has embraced and effectively endorsed Snoezelen MSEs for veterans’ facilities. The VA asked its workforce to submit innovative ideas about how to improve the VA and the lives of veterans. A therapist working at the VA’s Specialty Care Clinic in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, submitted her idea for a MSE and training. The VA embraced the idea and funded the clinic’s Snoezelen room. In short order, the Wilkes-Barre unit enjoyed so much success that the VA produced a video to share the story!