Milton pediatric dentist creating change for patients with special needs

By Susan Hay, Global News
April 9, 2018

Dr. Alison Sigal and her dad, also a pediatric dentist, opened the doors to little bird in Milton in October.

“I went into dental school and did specialty teeth training with the vision of one day caring for persons with special needs of all ages,” said Alison Sigal, a pediatric dentist, founder and owner of Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry.

Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry is unique and caters to children and teenagers. It also offers sensory-based care for patients with special needs of all ages.

“To bring Mitchell to a space like this is pretty rare,” said Kelley Robert, Mitchell’s mom.

“Given my son’s complex needs, it’s challenging just to find a dentist that was able to address, not only his oral care but other safety aspects that have to be considered with my kiddo,” said Robert.

“We are definitely pioneering the Snoezelen sensory integrated healthcare environment,” said Sigal.

“It doesn’t exist to our knowledge anywhere around the world.”

“So it’s a safe environment in which we don’t feel like we have to be overly involved or insuring that they understand certain aspects from the safety of Mitchell’s care,” said Robert.

“We know from the Canadian health surveys that oral healthcare has remained as the top unmet health need facing person with special needs and that has been consistent for the past 30 years,” said Sigal.

“So my mantra that I always say is that it’s time for change.”

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