Double Bubble Bonanza™ Sensory Room Panel

Double Bubble Bonanza

Combines two Snoezelen® favourites – bubble tubes and wall panels. Bubbles and colour can be individually controlled in each of the two chambers.

Be amazed as the bubbles dissipate in one chamber only to burst into life in the other. The panel is packed with sound effects and music which makes for a truly exciting multi-sensory experience. The stunning effects stimulate, empower and engage.

Perfect for co-operative play, turn taking and follow-my-lead activities.

Double Bubble Bonanza
Features include:

  • With 42 unique effects
  • With two bubble chambers – the bubbles and colour of each can be controlled independently
  • Great for pair work and co-operative activity
  • Can be used by one person to promote bilateral movement
  • Encourages choice and control
  • 3 modes of operation – interactive, creative and music
  • With gentle vibration for tactile input
  • Accessible and illuminated push buttons to control bubbles and colour
  • Can be use with a microphone for a sound to light effect to encourage vocalisation

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