Multifinity Explorer™ Sensory Room Panel

Multifinity Explorer

Create visually stunning infinity effects by selecting from a number of shapes, colours, patterns and speeds.

The panel is packed with sound effects and music which makes for a truly exciting multi-sensory experience. With a huge range of effects to choose from! Allows supervisors to match activity to need.

Encourages interaction, visual tracking, hand-eye co-ordination and an understanding of cause and effect.

Multifinity Explorer
Features include:

  • With over 1500 unique and easily selected pattern combinations
  • Select from 8 shapes, 11 colours, 6 patterns and 3 speeds
  • With circles, squares, triangles and more for early maths concepts
  • Facilitates choice and control
  • 3 modes of operation – passive, interactive and music
  • Accessible and illuminated push buttons
  • Sockets for your own switches

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